Helmut Gaensel

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Colonel Emil Heinrich

Christoph Klein


Born 1898.

Born 1934 in little town

Commanding officer of 

Kovářská in Chomutov 
the Pioneer School in Hradištko area. He has been searching for
near Štěchovice– man who hid  the treasure of Štěchovice
the Štěchovice since the 60s of the last
treasure. century.


At the beginning of 1945 it was clear that Germany had been losing the war. The task was to save as much as possible of the inheritance of the Third Reich for future generations and the possibility to revive its ideas long after the lost war. Concerning the financial security of the project – even the security of the idea supporters – an air-bridge was created to the South America, where the majority of Nazi VIP wanted to go.


The Gestapo commander Heinrich Müller and the Secretary of Hitler Martin Borman organized transport of the Third Reich treasure, mainly to Argentina. Otto Skorzeny provided the transports. The last large delivery that was supposed to leave Berlin and via Madrid continue to Argentina at the very end of the War and comprised 540 boxes. The content of the boxes is known only approximately. They probably included the Reich gold, objets d’art stolen in occupied countries mainly by Göring, stocks and shares, German bank notes and foreign currency and even some secret documents of military research from the Institute of Emperor William. According to some theories this delivery may have included also the Amber Chamber or passwords for the bank accounts of nazi commanders in the Swiss banks.

With regard to the fast advance of the War the appropriate time for the delivery passed and the nazis had to find an alternative. The legend was born.