In February 2021 Czech Television organized in the popular cycle of debates Historie.cs one episode dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the discovery of the so-called Štěchovice Archive (February 11, 1946). The discussion, moderated by Přemysl Čech, was attended by Jindřich Marek, the employee of the Military History Institute, historian Jaroslav V. Mareš, author of the book "Štěchovice Treasure - The End of Legends", and Michal Sejk, head of the Benešov State Regional Archive. The authors of the show let Helmut Gaensel speak as well and he confirmed that next round of the search of the Štěchovice Treasure was being prepared in cooperation with American investors.

You can watch the whole episode here: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10150778447-historie-cs/221411058220007/




You can also find a chapter on the Štěchovice treasure in the book based on the television show The Wandering Camera. The book "Wandering Camera 32" will take you, in the chapter about the Štěchovice treasure, to places that are connected to the legend of the most famous Czech treasure. It will guide you through the nature trail "Vystěhované Hradištko" so you can go on your own to places that have been associated with the search for several decades. You will get acquainted with the only known facts connected to Štěchovice and these are the informations about excavating the so-called Frank´s Archive. You will go through the entire history of the treasure hunt which unfolds from this event and you will be cought by the contagious optimism of Helmut Gaensel, who reveals his newest intentions to bring the treasure to the light of the world for good. „The Wondering Camera 32“ book was published by freytagandberndt.

Another attempt to find the Štěchovice treasure

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Press about Helmut
In the spring of 2014 the son of Colonel Siegfried Klein came to see Helmut Gaensel to Hradistko. Despite the fact that Siegfried Klein was born into a family of Commander Pionier Schule der Waffen SS Hradischko - the engineer school - in Hradištko of Emil Klein in 1943, he came up at this place again now. More details in the article.

Wall Street Journal article on Helmut Gaensel

The story of the hunt for the Amber Chamber by Helmut Gaensel has again been picked up by the international media. This time by the respected Wall Street Journal. Journalist Jennifer Saranow in an on-line article from November 9 on the page W1 has written about the captivating story of the lost treasures of the World. The Amber Chamber is among the lost treasures of the World including the Holy Grail, and the Spanish Galeon of gold sunk off South America. Included in the article is an inter-active map where it is possible to click on the symbols of the lost treasures and gain more information. The article can be found at this address: