Helmut Gaensel entered into a co-production contract with Europe DMT Production Company on the conditions of production and exploitation of a film with work title Pražská spojka (Prague Connection). The aim is to make a feature film about the life fate of Helmut Gaensel.

Helmut Gaensel entered into a co-production contract with Europe DMT Production Company on the conditions of production and exploitation of a film with work title Pražská spojka (Prague Connection). The aim is to make a feature film about the life fate of Helmut Gaensel.

JU-52 sunken on a meadow near Hradištko

Helmut Gaensel on Czech Television

For the end of World War II Czech Television has prepared a journalistic twenty-part series Spring 45 … when the war ended in our country. The series provides interesting insights and new perspectives on events that are not generally known or so far have not been talked about too much. In mapping the events that brought the war to the finals in Benešovsko, Czech TV staff recalled also the history of the quest for the Štěchovice treasure. The series was shot in Dušno ravine over Štěchovice dam and Jindřich Marek from the Military History Institute featured in the coverage, and of course, guru of all treasure seekers Helmut Gaensel. He again expressed his firm belief that the treasure exists. He again appealed to the testimony of people who in 1945 with their own eyes saw dozens of light-coloured boxes and were even present at their impregnating near a special impregnation kiln. He also reminded a pair of JU-52 aircrafts which at the end of the war landed with an unknown cargo near Hradištko

and after unloading when they failed to get off due to sub irrigation of terrain, aeroplanes were disassembled overnight and their parts stored in an unknown place. Jindřich Marek detailed the circumstances of finding and picking of so-called Frank's archive by the Americans in 1946 and pointed out that the legend of Štěchovice treasure could have been born right here but according to him it could be only a legend. Although he would wish finding of other artefacts, with regard to the role of Emil Klein in the last days of the war he does not believe them too much. According to him Emil Klein was entrusted with a too dangerous task (more details – see chapter Wallenstein stretches to Prague), to which the bearer of fundamental secrets of the Third Reich would not get an order. Helmut Gaensel admitted with a smile that despite information he received from Emil Klein, despite plans he obtained in South America, although he used the most modern technologies of American scientists, NASA workers and dozens of other experts in his search, the quest of the treasure can be summed up easily: „Nothing yet.“ He still believes in finding and picking up the treasure and says: „70 years after the end of the war would be a nice symbol for finding the treasure. Maybe, I will fill it.“

Karl Herman Frank

February 1946 – The Americans take away Frank's archive

Wallenstein stretches to Prague

We have already mentioned the idea that deconstructs the role of Emil Klein as the main organizer of Štěchovice treasure store. It is based primarily on the fact that in May 1945 Klein was entrusted with a very dangerous task, during which he could get into captivity or even be killed. And a person that would entrust him with the store of important Third Reich secrets would not risk that. Therefore, let us briefly remind the role of Colonel Emil Klein in the very finals of the war. SS-Standartenführer Emil Klein, Commander of SS-Pionier-Schule 4 Hradischko commanded one of two groups of higher unit SS-Kampfverband Wallenstein. It was named after the Duke of Friedland Albrecht from Valdštejn (Albrecht von Wallenstein in German).
It was a comprehensive designation for the SS troops, which from 5th May, 1945 progressed against Prague uprising of the South from drill field SS-Truppenübungsplatz Beneschau in Neveklovsko. The action of the South was led by two battle groups: 
"Western" from Hradištko across Zbraslav to Smíchov called SS-Kampfgruppe Moldauthal, which was now commanded by Emil Klein. The second "Eastern" group was engaged against Krč and Pankrác. Together with other units they should mass on the outskirts of Prague till 6th May, 1945 morning and at dawning launch concentrated attack from several directions supported by the Air Force and encounter attacks by German forces in Prague. SS Kampfgruppe Wallenstein advanced from the South in two streams along both banks of the Vltava River, troops on the left bank were commanded by von Klein. And just his soldiers are assigned to massacres of civilians e.g. in Zbraslav, Lahovice or Barrandov.

Press about Helmut
In the spring of 2014 the son of Colonel Siegfried Klein came to see Helmut Gaensel to Hradistko. Despite the fact that Siegfried Klein was born into a family of Commander Pionier Schule der Waffen SS Hradischko - the engineer school - in Hradištko of Emil Klein in 1943, he came up at this place again now. More details in the article.

Helmut GaenselUnderground gallery was finally located!

The fact that the search for Štechovice treasure needs a new impetus was clear for some time. The treasure ( as it might be called ) has been lying under the ground for nearly 65 years and practically the same time has been spent looking for it. The result of intensive work by the seekers as for example : The army, Ministry of interior affairs, Omnipol, Mr. Helmut Gaensel, Mr. Pepa Mužík,
Mr. Ondřej Vetchý and tens of other occasional diggers, was always the same :
Nobody found anything. The reports about the search for the treasure virtually stopped being in the headlines of newspapers and disappeared from television broadcasting and the countryside around Hradištko ( The site where the search is taking place ) is bleak again. Then, something unusual happened in Spring.

Mr. Helmut Gaensel’s phone rang : “ Hi, Helmut, Ed Fagan speaking. “
At that time it looked as if the most important impulse in the history of the search for the treasure took place. What has really happened?

American- for many people a controversial lawyer – Mr. Edward Fagan who has successfully defended the victims of the holocaust and has won a significant
financial compensation. Now he was on line. The Swiss banks paid out 1.25 billion dollars in out of court settlements but Mr. Fagan looked further. He found out that the key to these accounts in many cases lies somewhere near Prague. His search continued in Germany and eventually led him to Štěchovice treasure and to Helmut Gaensel.

The result: Ed Fagan visited Hradištko and together with the sponsor of the whole project, American lawyer James Lowy approached Helmut Gaensel in order to help them to get into the underground. Shortly after that began another cycle of search. The party concentrated on piece of land on the outskirts of the municipality of Hradištko where Helmut Gaensel had already searched before but with new findings from Germany they located more precise place where to search.

The firm G Impuls used a method of resistance tomography and with a device known as ARS-200E measured the distance of approximately 103 meters. The electrodes were placed one meter apart and were set to search into the depth of 10 meters under ground.

Report from G Impuls: It is very obvious that we have found only one significant abnormality. At the distance of 28 – 34 meters we have located a place of high- resistance which reached the value of up to 10.000 ohms and the depth is approximately 4 meters. This value is very untypical when we take into consideration the composition and formation of the bedrock at this locality.
Obviously there is an artificial object .We recommend drilling at the distance of 31 meters and to perform geophysical survey.

There is no doubt that after 65 years of search Helmut Gaensel and his people have found an underground tunnel and located an exact place.




What is to follow?

Concurrently there are several things to solve:

Entry to the grounds and possibility of drilling,

To deal with the authorities about the conditions of ownership in case of finding the treasure,

Date of drilling and the use of mini-camera,

Because of a large extent of work Helmut Gaensel will work with Josef Mužík, his former rival,

According to Helmut Gaensel the drilling is a question of weeks and if successful there will start preparations for an extensive survey of the area.


Edward Fagan, Helmut Gensel, James Lowy

Edward Fagan, Helmut Gensel, James Lowy


Another step in Štěchovice

The hook in Štěchovice is slowly being hauled in. Through the tremendous efforts of Helmut Gaensel photos from WWII reconnaissance flight over suspected area where lies the Amber Chamber have been discovered. True, the photos are not of the highest quality, but what is most important is that they are in the hands of Helmut Gaensl. Moreover, he holds the photo of the sought-after resting place of the Amber Chamber. Of course these photos, understandably, have not been made public. A pair of photos reveal the entrance to an underground area, which according to comparisons of the area, reveals how in the past if had been possible to enter the underground area with vehicles including transport trucks. The areal photos of the second hole show that there was an entrance to an underground ventilation system which had been concealed before. With regards to this, the photo clearly shows the outline that Gaensel has long suspected to be the approximate position where the digging shall begin in order to discover what lays below. One question remains. When will the digging begin.

Wall Street Journal article on Helmut Gaensel

The story of the hunt for the Amber Chamber by Helmut Gaensel has again been picked up by the international media. This time by the respected Wall Street Journal. Journalist Jennifer Saranow in an on-line article from November 9 on the page W1 has written about the captivating story of the lost treasures of the World. The Amber Chamber is among the lost treasures of the World including the Holy Grail, and the Spanish Galeon of gold sunk off South America. Included in the article is an inter-active map where it is possible to click on the symbols of the lost treasures and gain more information. The article can be found at this address:

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