Who is Helmut Gaensel


Born in 1934 in little town Kovářská near Chomutov, in the area of the former Sudeten.  He graduated from the Mining Engineering School in Jáchymov and Příbram. In the 50s he worked as a miner in Jáchymov uranium mines. The period between 1961-62 he spent in prison Valdice, together with Emil Klein. After his release he left the country for Germany and later on for the United States. The owner of gold mines in South America (Bolivian company Gaensel Gold Mines), later owner of silver mines in Montana in the US. In the South America he looked for nazi officers and VIP, who retired there from Germany. In 1968 he published a book, “The Prague Connection” (Czech translation with the title Štěchovice Treasure, published in 1992 by Horizont publishing house).

He married in 2003, his wife‘s name is Ladislava.

Helmut Gaensel stood as a candidate in the elections for the European Parliament, representing OFD (Civil Federal Democracy).